Online services for women with an immigrant background who have faced violence or the threat of violence

Help in coping with violence
Irrespective of geographical location
Free of charge
In real time

Anyone may face violence or the threat of violence, in different situations in life, suddenly and unexpectedly, at the hands of a known or unknown perpetrator. Because violence comes in many forms, it may be difficult to identify and often leaves no visible traces. Even if you are not sure whether violence has occurred – being concerned about your own situation or that of a person close to you is a sufficient reason to seek help!

Crisis Center Monika’s online services are intended for women of immigrant background who have experienced or been threatened with violence. The online services provide a low threshold opportunity to participate, regardless of where they live, for anyone who finds it difficult to get help in other ways. The services are easy and safe to use: discussions are confidential and anonymous. The crisis workers of Crisis Center Monika are in charge of the online services.

  • Chat is a safe, easy-to-use online service for directly discussing violence-related issues with our trained crisis workers. The chat service is open for different languages on different days. Check the times here.
  • The online peer support group is a closed online service through which you can process experiences of violence together with other group members, under the guidance of the peer support group leader. We will publish contents and schedules of the groups separately.

You can also leave a question for our crisis workers via email ( We will answer you as soon as possible. You don’t need to give your name.

Feel free to contact us in the way that is easiest for you!

Read more about what’s going on in Crisis Center Monika on our website and check the latest updates of our Facebook page.