The online peer support group is intended for women of immigrant backgrounds who have experienced or been threatened with violence in their family or intimate relationships. Domestic or intimate partner violence comes in various forms, not only as blows or visible physical injuries. Violence may involve denigration, intimidation, pressure and threats, financial control and the breaking of property, restricting the use of a telephone or contacts with friends, and neglect. Forcing a person into sexual relations against his or her will also constitutes violence. Violence leaves deep wounds, but recovery is possible.

Anyone can participate in a low threshold, online peer support group, from anywhere in Finland. Participation is confidential and safe, and the identity or background of participants is not disclosed to others. The group provides information on various forms of violence, processes experiences of violence, provides peer support and seeks solutions together on how to cope with and recover from a violent relationship. The peer group leader supports and guides the discussion.

Online peer support groups will be arranged in several languages. Details of the contents and schedules of the groups will be published separately.