Due to the coronavirus situation, the following changes have been made to the services of the MONIKA – Multicultural Women’s Association starting March 16, 2020:


Crisis Center provides assistance via telephone and online.

  • National helpline 0800 05058 (free-of-charge) is open from Monday to Friday (MonFri) at 9-16.
  • Chat is open on Monday at 18-20 and from Monday to Thursday at 10-12. You can find the schedules on our website (link)
  • The peer groups are on the break. The pause lasts so far.

SHELTER MONA is open normally and you can call the phone 045 6396 274 24h a day.


  • Group activities are on a break. The pause lasts so far.
  • We offer individual guidance primarily via telephone 0800 05059 (free of charge). Telephone is open on Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 9-16, Wednesday and Thursday at 9-18.

We are updating this webpage to notify you of changes.
Volunteers and customers are informed about changes separately. 


Work against violence in MONIKA provides support in several languages and is specialized in types of violence that affect immigrant women in particular, such as honor-related violence.

Crisis Center Monika (Kriisikeskus Monika) offers low-threshold crisis help, psycho-social support and supportive housing after leaving the shelter for the victims of violence or the threat of violence experienced. You have possibility of receiving help anonymously and without an appointment.

Shelter Mona (Turvakoti Mona) is the only shelter in Finland offering crisis assistance and secure residence in a secret location. Victims of domestic violence from all over the country have access to this service.

The work that supports the client’s integration is planned so that it takes into account her overall situation. The activities are planned to support the individual’s own goals.

Integration Center Monika (Kotoutumiskeskus Monika) promotes integration and employment through individual counseling, group activities and mentoring.